Robert Maltby is auctioning more paintings

By now some of you probably are aware of Robert Maltby’s UK EBAY Auction happening right now.
(If you’re in the UK, you can view the auction here: )

In preparation for his vacation to the states, he has decided to auction off more art. That painting has been a massive success, and unfortunately, sky rocketed in price quickly. Robert wants to give people more chances to own original art work that are one of a kind.

One of the pieces that he is going to auction is the painting of me. Everyone knows of this, as I have only PLASTERED it across the web. Ever since he has painted this, people have been inquiring to buy the original. So, now’s your chance.

I’m so very proud of Robert and what he has accomplished the last few years. I’m very honored to have had the privilege to be his muse and be painted. It’s insane to think that people have me on their wall, and someone out in the world will have this amazing painting in their home.

The auction ends on Sunday, so please swing by if you’re interested in this piece. Or if you’re not able to bid, please share it and tell your friends.


Robert Maltby will Auction a painting used in ‘Murdered for being Different’

If you guys didn’t know, Robert Maltby collaborated with the BBC for the Docudrama called, “Murdered for being Different”.

Since Robert was involved, the BBC used a lot of his original art to decorate the flat where Sophie Lancaster and he lived. You can also see that there was a painting used here in the set design picture.

Since Robert is coming to America to spend time with me and travel the Midatlantic, he has decided to Auction off a painting that was used in this docudrama. On Sunday, July the 9th, 2017, Robert will list the following picture on Ebay:


If you’re interested in bidding on the painting above, please follow Robert’s Facebook page located here for the announcement of the auction:

Also, if you’re interested in owning something that Robert has done, he is selling his Original Art and a few more Cat Coloring Books here:

Or if you’re interesting in having a T-Shirt, Mug, Cell Phone Case or more, you can order off of his Tee Public store here: