Creeper Crate

Since the lovely people of Nerd Block went out of business, I needed a new subscription box to subscribe to. I loved Horror Block, despite their horrendous shipping issues, their items were pretty cool to get monthly. There’s something special about mystery subscription boxes, almost Christmas-like.

So, I stumbled upon Creeper Crate. I know some of my lady friends are subscribed to them, but somehow my mind has been everywhere and I forgot about this cool box. I finally joined, just at the right time of the year really. I mean, HALLOWEEN BOXES!! You guys know my love for Halloween is stronger than anything, so I am more than excited about the Halloween box.

Creeper Crate cater to the ladies, but this box could be used for even males. I mean guys love bath bombs too (don’t let them fool you, they DO!). But the previous themes are amazing and right up my alley.

Please use my link below to subscribe if you’re interested. If I get 3 friends to use my link, I’ll get the next box free. I’m not too pressed about my free box, I just want to share this with my friends! I think the best part about mystery boxes is discussing what is inside the box with fellow friends.

So, if you’re interested in taking a peak at Creeper Crate, just follow the link here:


SCREAM – The World’s Number One Horror Magazine

The very kind people of SCREAM Magazine sent me a copy of the July/August edition of the magazine to review. I’ve honestly never heard of this magazine before, but that doesn’t mean much. It’s a UK based magazine that publishes issues about all things Horror.

Upon receiving the package I was very impressed. It was sent in a plastic mailer with a neon green logo of the word ‘SCREAM’. I was impressed because I really dislike magazine companies that just mail magazines unprotected. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my magazine wet from the outside weather.

The magazine is about the same size of Rue Morgue and it is printed on nice stock. The cover featured many articles and details about what was inside the issue. It was bound well and the materials just *felt* nice. Inside there were loads of interviews, adverts and the layout was nicely designed.

Without going into to too much information about what was inside of the magazine, I definitely feel that any Horror Fan would enjoy reading the contents inside. I think this magazine is perfect for all those who adore horror as much as I do.

I filmed my unboxing, which you can see here, please disregard my – mindlessness. I was not fueled enough with caffeine to speak. I should know better. Coffee before filming, Karah!

Also, be sure to check out SCREAM Magazine with the links below! I recommend and suggest everyone give them a go. They are reasonably priced and I am pretty sure that you’re able to find them locally in Barnes and Nobles!








“We all go a little mad sometimes”

You may or may not know that I am a big fan of Bates Motel. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and it’s been one of my favorite shows since ‘Dexter’ ended.

Everything has to end, right? Well as of this month, the Series Finale, Season 5 begun. While this is very bittersweet for me, you have to appreciate that fact that they are not dragging the series out.

What I believe is bad is when someone takes an amazing show and stretch it out to death. There’s sometimes something special in telling a story and it not last MANY YEARS. I feel that the writers and creators of this Series are absolutely brilliant. They knew going in that the arc of Norman Bates would take just 5 seasons. They didn’t want to tell his backstory and make it go on and on. They had such a strong character development to tell the story of those surrounding White Pine Bay and the Bates Motel.

The last 4 seasons you got to know all the main characters and the reoccurring ones. It let you into the minds of Norman AND Norma. You also grew bonds with everyone else. Even though you knew the ending of Norman Bates and what got him in trouble, you desperately did not want to see Norma die.

Speaking of Norma, Vera is a phenomenal actress. She gave Norma believable desperation and provided the role of momma bear to a T. She also was incredibly insecure and scared. You also go to watch her downward spiral in wanting some normalcy and happiness. I won’t lie, I did cry a lot during the last two episodes of Season 4.

And here we are, season 5. We hone in to the relationship between Norman and ‘mother’. We get to watch him go mad, and its clear from the first episode, Norman has lost it beyond repair. Then again, we know that there will never be a repair. However, just for the first episode laying out the ground work to what appears to be a very emotional and intense finale, I am excited.

I trust that there will be tears this season for me too. Yeah, I’m emotional. The love that I have for this show is pretty large and there will be a massive piece missing from my life Monday night’s when it is over.

Thankfully I can binge like no tomorrow for ever and ever and ever.

What’s your favorite scary movie?


No, theres no slashers. No murderers. No monsters (well, in my world they are considered so). To me, spiders are absolutely terrifying. That movie makes me cringe every time and it’s the only movie where I will cover my eyes at certain points. It gets me to jump and squirm, but I absolutely LOVE it.

People often ask me what my favorite scary movie is. A while ago, I wasn’t quite sure. I adore the horror genre, I have plenty of movies that are considered to be my favorites. However, they do not scare me. Horror movies are fun and entertaining to me. I can’t say that I can associate FEAR to any horror movie.

And then I was sick one day, on the sofa flipping through the channels, when it occurred to me, ARACHNOPHOBIA!!  I really do not like spiders. I’m not a fan of them one bit. I appreciate them, from afar. I love them for Halloween, goth and spooky elements. I even have THREE spiders tattooed on me. However, the thought of being in a home fully invaded by these eight legged bugs – NO THANK YOU!

So, this has to be my favorite scary movie.