Robert Maltby Art for Auction

This year, Robert is going to be a vendor at the Whitby Goth Festival. This is a very exciting time for him as he has never been a vendor at any other event before. So, if you’re going to the festival be sure to find him and say hello!

So this is a pretty big deal and Rob wants to make sure that he has enough inventory for the weekend and provide you guys with things that have never been released anywhere before.

Rob has put 3 paintings up for auction on Ebay. 100% of the earnings will fund his printing costs for the festival. Depending on how much he earns will depend on how many copies, exactly what he prints, etc.

Each auction winner will recieve their painting and much, much more! The paintings will be posted immediately after payment. When Rob finishes printing off everything for the weekend, he will send each winning bidder a package with 1 copy of everything that he has made! So, not only will you be winning one of the below, you’re going to get everything that he was able to fund to be printed.

These auctions are only open to the UK.

Show Me Your Kitties




The Blind Date




Robert Maltby Illustration on Tee Public


Did you know Robert has a Tee Public Store? Yes? No?
Well regardless, you should check out my video and see the stuff that they make with his designs.
I highly recommend you purchasing from him, using this site. The clothing material is awesome. It’s soft, comfortable and the print is spot on. The colors are vibrant and the details are in great condition.
Also, you can see my iPhone case that I got from TeePublic using one of his designs. The case is really sturdy, fits perfectly on your phone giving you free access to your buttons and ports. It has a silicone piece that wraps around the edges of the phone to give it extra protection. The print is amazing too!

You can take a look at his store here: