Robert Maltby is auctioning more paintings

By now some of you probably are aware of Robert Maltby’s UK EBAY Auction happening right now.
(If you’re in the UK, you can view the auction here: )

In preparation for his vacation to the states, he has decided to auction off more art. That painting has been a massive success, and unfortunately, sky rocketed in price quickly. Robert wants to give people more chances to own original art work that are one of a kind.

One of the pieces that he is going to auction is the painting of me. Everyone knows of this, as I have only PLASTERED it across the web. Ever since he has painted this, people have been inquiring to buy the original. So, now’s your chance.

I’m so very proud of Robert and what he has accomplished the last few years. I’m very honored to have had the privilege to be his muse and be painted. It’s insane to think that people have me on their wall, and someone out in the world will have this amazing painting in their home.

The auction ends on Sunday, so please swing by if you’re interested in this piece. Or if you’re not able to bid, please share it and tell your friends.


Robert Maltby will Auction a painting used in ‘Murdered for being Different’

If you guys didn’t know, Robert Maltby collaborated with the BBC for the Docudrama called, “Murdered for being Different”.

Since Robert was involved, the BBC used a lot of his original art to decorate the flat where Sophie Lancaster and he lived. You can also see that there was a painting used here in the set design picture.

Since Robert is coming to America to spend time with me and travel the Midatlantic, he has decided to Auction off a painting that was used in this docudrama. On Sunday, July the 9th, 2017, Robert will list the following picture on Ebay:


If you’re interested in bidding on the painting above, please follow Robert’s Facebook page located here for the announcement of the auction:

Also, if you’re interested in owning something that Robert has done, he is selling his Original Art and a few more Cat Coloring Books here:

Or if you’re interesting in having a T-Shirt, Mug, Cell Phone Case or more, you can order off of his Tee Public store here:

Robert Maltby Illustration on Tee Public


Did you know Robert has a Tee Public Store? Yes? No?
Well regardless, you should check out my video and see the stuff that they make with his designs.
I highly recommend you purchasing from him, using this site. The clothing material is awesome. It’s soft, comfortable and the print is spot on. The colors are vibrant and the details are in great condition.
Also, you can see my iPhone case that I got from TeePublic using one of his designs. The case is really sturdy, fits perfectly on your phone giving you free access to your buttons and ports. It has a silicone piece that wraps around the edges of the phone to give it extra protection. The print is amazing too!

You can take a look at his store here:

I went to London

Well, if you follow me you knew this already. However, I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do the things that I am doing. I’ve been home for 13 days and I have not posted my vlog(s) yet, but I will be doing so soon.

I’ve been lazy, and adjusting back to the timezone, health and eating. I also had to download a new editing software (by the recommendations of Lita) and I needed to teach myself a tiny bit on how to use it.

So hopefully you guys can see what I did in London.

I can’t wait to go back and I will be, soon. My life is actually going to change majorly and I wont get into details about that until I know things are actually set in stone.

What to bring abroad as a Type-1 Diabetic?


Later I will show you what I personally put in my carry on bag when flying, especially abroad.

Find out more in the video. Below you can find a generalization list that the ADA recommends that Diabetics carry on their trips.

  • Insulin and insulin loaded dispensing products (vials or box of individual vials, jet injectors, biojectors, epipens, infusers and preloaded syringes)
  • Unlimited number of unused syringes when accompanied by insulin or other injectable medication
  • Lancets, blood glucose meters, blood glucose meter test strips, alcohol swabs, meter-testing solutions
  • Insulin pump and insulin pump supplies (cleaning agents, batteries, plastic tubing, infusion kit, catheter and needle)—insulin pumps and supplies must be accompanied by insulin
  • Glucagon emergency kit
  • Urine ketone test strips
  • Unlimited number of used syringes when transported in Sharps disposal container or other similar hard-surface container
  • Sharps disposal containers or similar hard-surface disposal container for storing used syringes and test strips
  • Liquids (to include water, juice or liquid nutrition) or gels
  • Continuous blood glucose monitors
  • All diabetes related medication, equipment, and supplies

– See more at:


“You’ve got to stand up for yourself in life. You can’t let the world run over you.” – Norma Bates

Where do I begin? Oh, Bates Motel, my heart weeps. It’s been 4 years of an emotional and psychological roller coaster that I have enjoyed so much. I really hate to think that I’m going to have to get off of this ride, but all good things have to come to an end.

This show has had a beautiful and talented team, developed by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin, and Anthony Cipriano. I cannot say that I have ever viewed a show that I have been above and beyond impressed with the writing and directing, as I do with Bates. We all know the story about Norman Bates, the motel owner who lived in a creepy house on the hill above the motel. He had a psycho mother who was controlling and demanding. Ultimately, that turned Norman into the killer which we were introduced to in the 60’s by the great Alfred Hitchcock.

But, we really did not know the relationship between Norman and Norma. We only knew what Norman told us. We all know that we cannot believe 100% of whatever someone with Mental Health and Identity issues says. So, was Norma everything Norman said she was? Or was Norma a victim to Norman Bates, just like the rest of society?

Going into the show, I was trained to dislike Norma because we have all heard the stories about her. I did not know what to expect with this series. Were they going to stick to the story line that the movies laid out? Were they going to tread lightly around those facts or totally revamp it all? Historically, I am not a fan to prequels. Actually, I was never a fan of stories that were revisions taken place in current times. Pretty much, everything Bates Motel was supposed to be, I was not a fan of.

After watching the first episode, they had my attention and that’s all she wrote. It was love at first sight. Every Monday was exciting and full of mystery. Where are they taking us? We all know the ending…………or do we?

This season has proved that they wanted to intersect the original story with theirs, but they’re leaving their mark on this story and taking us places we never really dreamed of. I love the direction that they’re taking, the twists and turns. I love how you think you know whats going to happen and then there is a sharp turn around the corner which leaves us with our jaws dropping.

With just the *very last episode* left of this series, I am really heart broken to see it come to an end. However, I do respect that they only wanted this series to be 5 seasons long (Oh, hey, did you know my all-time favorite number is 5? Did you know I have 5 number 5’s tattooed on me? lol I find that appropriate). I respect that they knew the ending from day one and built Norman and Norma’s world around it and it has been seamless.

You know you’ve done really well if you can get your viewers emotionally attached to *every character*. I feel like i’ve gotten to know the victims, the villains and the hero’s and I want them ALL to have a happy ending. I know that is really impossible, but dammit, the writing is genius.

Unfortunately, I will not be in the United States on 4/24 when they air the LAST EPISODE of Bates Motel. I’m going to try really hard to find a way to watch it when I am in England, but I cannot promise that i’ll be able to do that in a timely fashion. I’m going to be out and about, having fun, so I don’t know WHEN I’ll be able to fit it in there. I just know that it does pain me a little that I wont be viewing it at the same time as the rest of the East Coast.

Oh well, I will wait, I have no choice.

So PLEASE, respect my wishes and DO NOT write me with spoilers or discuss the SERIES FINALE with me. I’ll be sure to post about the episode when I view it, and you all will know it…..which would be a better time to come talk to me. Just please, do not ruin this last episode for me. NO SPOILERS. I’ll just have to avoid all social media until I view it.

I’ve been MIA, I know

I haven’t disappeared, I promise.

It’s been a bit since I’ve written in this blog and that’s for a few different reasons.
1. I’ve been overwhelmed with getting my shit together for my trip (which I am leaving for in 10 days).
2. I’ve been battling BAD anxiety, which I have been making myself physically ill.
3. My blood sugars have been meh.
4. I have absolutely NO motivation and I have been slacking hard core.

I know these are primarily excuses, but I’m just briefing you on why. As I said above, I leave for the UK in 7 days and I have so much to do. I have to finish packing. I have to make sure I have everything sorted *at home* so when I leave there will be nothing left hanging. I also need to RELAX, which I am not doing really easily.

I’m going to vlog my trip, as best as I can. I’m going to be going out of my element by vlogging in the airport and other places, publicly, which kinda freaks me out. But, I’m going to make an honest attempt at least.

I promise that i’ll have plenty of pictures and try to update as much as possible. I need to make sure I have a UK SIM Card this time so I can post while I am out and about (I didn’t do that last time).

Everything will be OK, right? I hope.