I haven’t posted on Youtube because of my General Anxiety Disorder

If you don’t know by now, I have General Anxiety Disorder. You can learn more about it by visiting my Youtube Channel and watching this video:

I know this video is older, but the same information applies. I actually have had medication changes since then, but I am still managing my anxiety with medications.

My Diabetes gives me a lot of anxiety and depression. I worry nonstop about things that I know isn’t anything that I should be concerned about at this time, but I worry.

I want to make an updated video about my anxiety with my diabetes and the things that I have been dealing with lately. In fact, the reason why I haven’t made any youtube videos in a while is because of my anxiety and depression. I desperately want to make more videos, but I have far too much going on inside my head to actually sit down and make a video. Instead I am trying to fix myself and focus on me before I venture back into making content for my channel.

People don’t realize exactly how much time it takes to make a video. The prepping, the setup, the personal things I do (hair, makeup, etc) and the actual recording and editing. If I am not in the right mood to make videos it will definitely show and I don’t want to put out content that will bother me personally. I don’t want my viewers to see crap videos.

So, I am thinking about actually making a new video discussing this. Discussing my anxiety, provide some sort of update and maybe discuss what has been going on in my world. I’m just dealing with a lot of anxiety right now and filming is the last thing I want to do. So I appreciate your patience with my lack of content, but I’ll be back eventually, I swear.


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