Applications I use for my Diabetes

There are a few things that I use religiously on my phone (besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Texting – whoa, I spend too much time on my phone!) to help me daily with my Diabetes.

These apps are also very helpful for anyone who wants to just be healthy or are in the Fitness world, too. These are things that I personally use and have found to be easiest for me. What I do may not work for you, but I am just sharing my personal experiences. I am by no way a medical professional, but I like to think I am an expert with handling and living with Type 1 Diabetes.

First, my favorite and most important App that I use is MyFitnessPal. This is my go to application to log every little thing that I put into my mouth. Not only is it good for measuring your Macros and Calories, it helps with your Carb Counting. Now, if you’re unaware of this, Carb Counting is a MUST for living with Diabetes. I don’t mean counting carbs in order to lose weight, I mean knowing how many carbs that you’re eating to be sure you’re giving yourself the right amount of insulin. I can explain what that means in another post, but that’s your main equation that you’ll have to use when living with diabetes. As I was saying, its very helpful with the carb count. Sometimes you’re out and about and you’re not able to bring food that you personally have made. With MFP you can scan barcodes to log in the food that you eat and get the macros. Also, sometimes you’ll be able to find nearby restaurants and be able to estimate what the macros are in your meal (but thats hit or miss as sometimes people manually enter in the information and it may not be 100% accurate). Not only do I log my food in this app, I also log in my exercise. You’re able to manually enter in the activities that you do and log it. This is very helpful in know what you ate on days that you exercised.

Second, my other go-to app on my phone that I use is mySugr. For iPhone users you can get it here. And if you are an android user you can find it here. I will be honest and say that I don’t use it to it’s full potential. I just enter in my sugars (almost religiously, but I do get lazy) into it. I want to learn more about it and play around with it (it is on my to-do list though, I swear). It’s really user friendly and I’d much rather use this than the old fashioned option of writing it down.

What I do with this is that I do take the data from this app and log it into an excel spreadsheet, but thats just what I do personally.

Lastly, another app that I use is called My Water. iPhone users can find it here. I don’t know if Android uses this exact app, but I am sure there are many others similar to this one. What most Diabetics should do is drink a lot of water. Not only is water good for you, but hydration is very important with controlling your blood sugar. Sometimes, just being dehydrated can cause high blood sugar. I AM HORRIBLE AT DRINKING WATER. I always forget to drink it. I mean, I do drink coffee like it’s water, but that doesn’t count. I mean, clean, unflavored water. So I installed this recently to remind me to drink more water. It send notifications to your phone with messages to drink more water. It has this cool feature where it shows you how many ounces you have drank, the percentage of water you consumed and it looks like a glass of water. It’s motion activated so the water will move back and forth as if you’re tipping a glass.

What I like is reaching goals, numerically. So if I see that I am 90% close to my water goal, I will drink more water. I’m actually like that with everything. If I see a number I need to reach, I will force myself to get to it. But, I do need reminders. I’m lazy and forgetful!

So, thats what I use on my phone. Im sure there are plenty of other apps that are helpful and useful for fitness, health and diabetes. If you know of others that you personally use please let me know below in the comments! I like to try new things.


One thought on “Applications I use for my Diabetes

  1. Hey
    Thanks for the info , I can surly us some of it

    I have something you might love seen how you like your Tech.

    Its a fitness and blood sugar monitor its non-invasive, continuous, blood glucose estimation technology with a wristband that connects to you smartphone

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