What’s your favorite scary movie?


No, theres no slashers. No murderers. No monsters (well, in my world they are considered so). To me, spiders are absolutely terrifying. That movie makes me cringe every time and it’s the only movie where I will cover my eyes at certain points. It gets me to jump and squirm, but I absolutely LOVE it.

People often ask me what my favorite scary movie is. A while ago, I wasn’t quite sure. I adore the horror genre, I have plenty of movies that are considered to be my favorites. However, they do not scare me. Horror movies are fun and entertaining to me. I can’t say that I can associate FEAR to any horror movie.

And then I was sick one day, on the sofa flipping through the channels, when it occurred to me, ARACHNOPHOBIA!!  I really do not like spiders. I’m not a fan of them one bit. I appreciate them, from afar. I love them for Halloween, goth and spooky elements. I even have THREE spiders tattooed on me. However, the thought of being in a home fully invaded by these eight legged bugs – NO THANK YOU!

So, this has to be my favorite scary movie.


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